My Saints Row boss, Honovi! <3

She’s pretty badass! And I’m falling in love with this ridiculous game all over again lmao. Gotta draw her sometime soon.



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also crying because on the old PC opening photoshop literally took two minutes because of the program’s bloatedness and my computer’s junkiness

now with the SSD it opens in five seconds flat

i’m so happy

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OKAY i went shopping and preordered da3 and cleaned the kitchen and now i’m going to sink into mindless saints row 2 carnage and try to decide on a Boss

[quietly preorders da:i]


[heavy breathing]

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AAA T_______T <3 Does he tell Magpie about his mother? Magpie would just sit with his chin in his hands and listen quietly smiling. He doesn’t remember much about his family other than they were poor and sick T__T


eoghan’d pull out old photo albums and talk about the trips they took together to the sea and show him pictures of the house he grew up in, and he’s have this sad smile on his face but he’d also be so happy to share his family with magpie

he also goes back to Edinburgh every year on her birthday to visit her grave and leave flowers, and he’d invite magpie along because he’s family, too, now


I found these pictures of GODFREY GAO in my Weibo feed. The top two I found on Nanyou’s website but the others came from G Empires feed. I didn’t think you would mind. (3 April 2014)

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Magpie playing with a puppy.

dalishmarshmallow asked: 13, 24, 36, & 43 for Eoghan.

13. What is his earliest memory?
Cooking alongside his mum. And by cooking, I mean “sitting on the countertop, waving a piece of celery and giggling while his mother does the actual cooking” because he was about three, haha.

24. Diddly done did it already!

36. What turns him on?
Lmao, practically everything. After his libido comes back he can get going by brushing up against the edge of a table, it is truly mortifying. Later, after he becomes accustomed to feeling sexual desire again, he finds that he quite enjoys being told what to do - it’s a mild kink, nowhere near actual D/S scenarios, but he likes direction.

43. Who is his biggest hero?
His mother. He’s always tried to embody her values - patience, kindness, understanding and pacifism. Jay is a close second.